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This piece of work was exhibited at our 30th Anniversary exhibition and this came about as the result of a "kit" from Stef Francis, which turned out to be a bag of tiny strips of fabric, with some threads and beads thrown in for good measure. I had great fun playing with it, until I ended up with the piece shown.

I have been attending an embroidery course at the local Adult Centre where I made this paperweight using various techniques t 'encrust calico'. It was great fun to do and you just do a stitch until you tire of it then you change to a different one. The pebble inside was washed and treated so as the minerals did not come through to mark or spoil my embroidery. This is an idea from 'Stitch' magazine which is a publication by the Embroiderers Guild but can be bought in a local well known newsagency. Envruster Calico


Gill's Rag doll My Christmas Fairy
I made this floozy for my daughter, it was her birthday recently and I like to give her a surprise!
It was a Jan Horrox pattern, in an old Stitch magazine (I never throw any away). I have now sent for one of her books, and there could be more of them around at Christmas!
I made this Christmas fairy from a kit and although there is not a great deal of work involved, making her head was the most difficult. I have to ensure that it was very firm and had to use a needle to stuff it.


Hardanger close up

These are two photographs of a finished piece of Hardanger I did following a Day School in the summer of 2010. I know that some people enjoy doing this form of embroidery but I struggled with it. However, I have to admit, I am extremely proud with the finished results and worth the effort!


a crewelwork picture a crewelwork picture
My crewel work was a result of an Embroiderers' Guild workshop with Pat Trott, back in the days when they were held at Sole Street. I enjoyed it so much I bought extra fabric from her, and I am still using it. I am halfway through another crewel work piece at the moment, along with half a dozen other projects! Hopefully there may be something else for the website in the not too distant future.


Strawberries Grapes

Some years ago I saw Daphne Ashby and Jackie Woolsey at an exhibition, bought their book ' Stumpwork - why not?'. I really like the texture, and the 3 D effect of Stumpwork.

The strawberries were a kit which I changed and the grapes are adapted from a magazine article.


Elizabethen Sweetie bag Close up of Eliabethan Sweetie bag

These are two photographs of the Elizabethan Sweetie bag I made at the Jenny Adin Day School


Fairy's shoes

This is a pair of fairy shoes I made following an idea in 'Stitch' magazine which is a publication by the Embroiderers Guild but can be bought in a local well known newsagency.