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I love making books for my notes and sketches when I go on holiday and this one was one that I made at our recent dayschool with Kim Thittichai. I used various threads and fabrics as well as ribbons - the hard edge of which resembles the strata in the rocks.
This is a photograph of the cushion for our settle, the top of the cushion is the result of the Jennie Rayment Dayschool in November. I had never done anything like this before, so it was a really excellent way to learn - with liked minded people and a very good teacher!
textile bantams
This picture is called Textile Bantams and the bantams are my next door neighbours. I get to look after them when their real owners are on holiday. A lecture at NKEG gave me the idea of a random background which is painted with dye, machined  and hand stitched. I wonder if the bantams know that they are the subject of a piece of embroidery?
This picture is the result of a Day School held by NKEG on Stumpwork in Meopham. I found that it quickly became  compulsive and I had to do more and more. The tiny crab was a true challenge and I now I find I adore stumpwork.


Grace's Farmyard Friends
This quilt is called Grace's Farmyard Friends and contains all sorts of farm yard animals. Grace is a new born baby and she will have lots of fun rolling around on the floor on the quilt!


A book using markel oil paint sticks

Close up of the book
These are books that I made following the Hands On afternoon that the Guild had with Coral Singleton and her teaching us to experiment with Markel Oil paint Sticks. This blue book is the one I began on the afternoon and took home to finish off - I 'markeled' - (is there such a word?) - iron-on vilene which I love for dying as it takes dyes so easliy and readily. I then embellished it with machine stitching and buttons and beads which I had to hand!
A book using tissue paper Clos eup of the same book

The orange one, in fact, was one I made with Coral later using tissue paper - amazing isn't it?Again I used the machine to embellish it a little!

I say that I do not do anything complicated which is true, but looking at this, it does look more complicated than it is!


Edward's Bears quilt

The quilt is called Edward's Bears and is a floor quilt designed to be robustly crawled over in due course. Some of the bears are my design others taken from
published patterns, and appliqued on before being randomly quilted. Everything is done on the machine and the fabrics I used are silks, cottons and linens.
My machine will never be the same again but I could get to like quilting!

Beaded Fish Pendant

This is the Beaded Fish pendant I began at the Day School with Ann Mockford, but finished off at home. I did eventually enjoy doing it, but certainly very different to my usual form of embroidery!