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Toad of Toad Hall. I had reservations about it going on our website as it was done with a great deal of supervision (although, admittedly it is all my own work) when I was doing my certificated course at the RSN. Anyway, what to say about it? I loved doing it although the car was very difficult and the one shown is the Mark 3 version which took longer to do than you'd ever believe. It's a combination of needle lace, silk shading, applique and machine embroidery (the tree and bush) on a painted background.
Beaded Fish  pendant This is the Beaded Fish pendant that I began at the Day School with Ann Mockford and finally finished at home. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.
Elizabethan sweetie bag This is an Elizabethan Sweetie bag as Jenny Adin taught us at her one day school in the autumn.