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Sophy is North Kent Embrioderers' Guild youngest member. She works for one of the Cross Stitch magazines making samples for them to photograph prior to putting the magazine together and then printing it.

She joined our Guild becasue she wanted to learn more about embroidery - see her piece on the 'Welcome' page and I think she is learning fast!

Silk shaded apple: This design is featured in Jessica Aldred and Emily Peacock's book 'Adventures in Needlework'. I helped Jessica out on a stall at the Ducky Christmas market in 2011 and she was selling kits to compliment the book. Then I really had no excuse not to give it a go! It's not perfect, I know it needs improving, but I'm quite pleased with it as it was my first try of Silk Shading.

Blackwork Butterfly: This is a Melissa Cheeseman design. I did the Blackwork design at home, but embarrassingly I was the worst at Stem stitch, so Melissa taught me how to execute it nicely and I'm now confident about Stem stitch.




Hardanger: I learned how to stitch this Hardanger piece in the 97 Group with some of the other members of NKEG. It was a little confusing as first, because I was counting the chart wrong - I assumed it was like a cross stitch chart! Lots of double checking later, and I'm in love with the technique! 




Stumpwork Scarecrow: This is another Melissa Cheeseman design. This was the first embroidery piece after Cross Stitch I did. I love Stumpwork so much, and I couldn't resist having a go at this! The first jacket I made for him was too tight because my tension was a bit tight, so I had to re-do it, but I didn't mind at all - he is just too cute and I wanted him to be perfect and see him finished! I love his little cheeky crow friend too!









Peacock: This Peacock is the result of the City and Guilds Level 2 Traditional Hand Embroidery course. I wanted to do something Stumpwork, and traditionally Stumpwork pieces are small, and we had to create quite a big piece for our final embroidery. His body is silk shaded, with bullion knot claws (which his wing is hiding!), his crown is made using wrapped wires with beads and his wing is a wired silk shaded slip. His tail is made using silk waste fibers, and the 'eyes' are wired slips worked on organza and filled with stitching. The 'eyes' took 4 to 5 hours each and I had a bit of crisis because the lime green looks like too much when you're just working it on organza, but in context against the silk waste, it sits quite well. I am really proud of this Peacock, and I got a Merit overall so I am very happy.