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Toni made this bracelet for our 30th Anniversary - Pearl anniversary!!! Very ingenious!
The Embroiderers' Guild ran a class in th e97 Group where we could learn Applique and htis is my attempt. I am delighted with my efforts and look forward to Christmas when I can hang it up!

I thought I would show you my attempt at making a quilt for my grandaughters 7th birthday.. I did cheat a bit as the fabric is printed patchwork so I didn’t need to sew all the squares together, but I still stitched a quarter inch seam along all the lines at the back to make it look like I did.... I showed this on a quilting site on Facebook, and I got a lot of praise until they realised I didn't cut each square out, but I explained that as my very first quilt it taught me how to sew a quarter inch seam, how to nest pieces, for the cushion. and how to bias bind... I did wing it a bit as I prefer to hand sew but I had very little time to get this done. Anyway thought you might like to see it.

This started off in a 6 inch hoop, but I thought that there was too much space around the Rose. I placed it in a 4 inch hoop and found it to be better balanced. I am very pleased with this one as it’s my first attempt at making a bud with a bead at its center.  
Something different.. still handmade with pure silk ribbon, glass beads and Anchor threads. Not sure where the inspiration came from but I like the end results.  

The inspiration for this picture was the teddy that was given to my eldest daughter when she was a year old. (She’s now 30 something).    

I wanted to create a picture that reminded us of her childhood along with her sister. I asked them to think of a sentence or a saying from their childhood, and put it all together. It took along time as most of it was done by hand, with applique and some embroidery and the wording was done using free motion embroidery on a sewing machine. As the free motion embroidery was the first time I had ever done it, I was pleased with the result... the scariest part was writing on a piece that had taken months to do. Thankfully it worked out ok.


I started ribbon embroidery about a year ago. This is made with pure silk ribbon which I prefer to colour myself with fabric markers. I also used Anchor embroidery threads and embellished with sequins and beads.


This is another one I have just completed. It is a present for my friend who is retiring and you can see the close up here on the right



Here is a picture of my Christmas Hanging, finished at last!  I sort of enjoyed making it, having never done quilting before, but I was pleased it was done and happy how I had done it, but if it taught me one thing it was that quilting is not for me... the accuracy and the preciseness is too strict for me. Thanks for your help by the way... it is in the loft and I don’t want to see it again until Christmas!