North Kent Embroiderers Guild

Travelling Books

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'Travelling Books' is a project that is being carried out in many Embroiderers' Guild branches. the idea is that within a branch small groups of branch members join together to produce a unique book for each member of the group. The books created by the group are called ‘Travelling Books’ simply because they travel around the group. Each member of the group makes a unique contribution to the book circulated by each member. The result is always very special – a book each participating member keeps at the end of the journey and often shares with others for pleasure and inspiration.

“The group I was in, I know, loved being in 'our' group and got to know each other a little better, finding out what each other's passions were (I mean in sewing terms, of course!)   The pieces of sewing were only part of the story, the comments that went with them, quite another! Poems, jokes, paintings, sayings, 'how to's', memories, - all personal and special to that person - and special to me the recipient.”

Below are photographs of the books in the three groups we have in North Kent!

This project was so successful, that we are repeating it beginning in September, mixing up the groups so as different people are involved.

These are the covers of the books of people in Group 1. These people, like those of Group 2, pass the books on every meeting until they have been round the six people
These are the covers of the books of people in Group 2
These are the covers of the books of people in Group 3. Unlike the two groups above, this group passes their books one every other meeitng and therefore, will take a little longer to complete the 'journey'.